March - The Month We Start Living Again

It is Sunday in mid March.  SXSW stuff is next week.  Some of the guys are going down to man a board at the Pedalboard Expo thing.  We went to some shows lately.  That was cool.  And we're quietly stirring the pot on something here and something there, eventually to see the light.  

We also did a limited run of inverted color schemes of the Utility Line.  OBNE Headphone Amp, OBNE 3 Band EQ / Buffer and AB/Y Switcher.  We made 20 of each.  Already going until they're gone.


This Is Why I Like You - Brady and the Dark Star

It might be important to note why this "Why I Like You" series needs to exist.  It probably seems like it doesn't need to—Why would we need to start a discussion about why we like our own pedals?  Well, after you've tested over 1,000 of the same pedal, using the same notes, turning the same knobs and only listening for correct functionality, it becomes easy to forget what that pedal can actually do or how it feels to create something with the sounds it can produce.  That's why.  Because we forget.  

So, this week, Seth tasked me with re-exploring the Dark Star.  This gloriously noisey yet soft spoken reverb, cable of fully washing out the instrument to create seamless notes.  We champion it as a "pad-like" reverb, meaning it is easy to create swells and transition from different notes with little to no attack.  Something that I've always wanted in guitar pedals, often resulting in stacking multiple reverbs and delays to fully wash away the attack of a note. In my mind, it is the sound of the opening track on Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol's first record.  Soft melodies buried in a wash of reverb, stacked on one another.  So, that's how I use this pedal.  To create a wall of washed out sounds, mostly from one, unassuming pedal.  This is Why I Like You.

This Is Why I Like You - Pancakes and Mondegreen

Mondegreen. When we first met last summer, I thought I knew who you were.  You’re a delay pedal, right? So I say “bing,” and you say “bing” a little bit later?  But I said “bing,” and you responded softly: b’ing. You made me think about perception, about time, about the little differences. The octaves were pretty, yes. The chorus I understood. But the tremolo. To put a tremolo on a delay trail seems like such a simple idea, but to really hear it is a different thing entirely. Two different rhythms playing with each other and with the player. Trying to do something in time, but not being sure whether to listen to the attack or to the rise and fall. So I kicked on a fuzz and gave into the idea that we can listen without counting. It’s a pleasure, Mondegreen, to learn something new from you.

Dan is the purchasing manager and screenprinting technician at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Below you'll find the video component he produced show his process in real time.


About a year ago when we started doing OBNEAC and decided to do the Tape Club series, I thought it would be fun to couple a video element with each release. As the releases trickle out every few months, so do their videos. Each band comes by OBNEAC HQ and we capture a live audio / visual performance of both the A and B sides of their tapes. I really enjoy it, it's really fun to hear the different personalities that each song possesses and how that manifests in a studio or live atmosphere and vice versa. So here they are, look forward to many more. 

Break the silence with a #boardofpower giveaway.

UPDATE 10/21/16
We chose a winner and the giveaway is done.  Phew.  All of that info is on the Instragram.  Although stuff like this is fun, it can be a bit taxing to promote.  So, we're done with this for awhile.  Thanks to all of the rad companies that contributed.  Back to normal programming.

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Ooops.  Did it again.  Haven't posted in awhile.  Rule #1 of a blog: Don't sputter out.  Always post.  So.  Sorry about that.  But here's a good reason to start talking again.  

To celebrate the release of the OBNE Mondegreen Delay, we partnered with other rad companies to compile a powerful pedalboard.  All the weird you would need.  And now we are going to give it away.  

Introducing the PEDALBOARD of POWER giveaway.  Because great power requires great responsibility.  

Here's what we've got:  A Temple Audio Trio 21, fully wired by Disaster Area Plugs and Powered by two Strymon Ojai supplies, featuring A Mantic Flex Pro, Caroline Guitar Co. Haymaker, Smallsound/Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machine, Chase Bliss Audio Spectre, OId Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen, Alexander Pedals Space Xpander, Dwarfcraft Happiness and a TC Electronics Polytune Mini and Ditto Looper.

Here are the rules: 

On your Instagram, repost and tag the companies and #boardofpower.  That's it.  That's what let's more people know about it.  That's the point.  To tell more people about these pedals. And someone gets them all along the way. 

Winner drawn on 10/21.  That's a Friday.  Because Friday's are great so it will be someone's ultimate Friday.  

Contest is open to the nations of the world.  Worldwide.  Everyone. In. The. World.

No freaking purchase necessary, of course.  Just report and use that hashtag.  Winner will be randomly selected from the hashtag #boardofpower.

The people to tag:

It's a lot right?  But is it that much work if you're getting the chance to freely win NINE weird & sweet pedals, two power supplies and a fully wired pedal board?  No, its not too much.  Its not enough, probably.  

Some Gimme Sixty videos to highlight what each of these noisemakers might be capable of:


We've been quiet for too long.

It happens sometimes.  We get busy.  Bogged down by the day in and day out of Old Blood, building pedals, answering emails, thinking about what's next, worrying about overhead and how to make everything work.  Shooting videos, trying to play music, having families, growing old, all that jazz.  And one thing that will always suffer when that happens is this blog.  Or any blog. Because who knows who really reads this thing.  Its more of an informative emotional dump that probably benefits us more than anyone else.  So.  Here's an update.

Norman Music Festival happened.  All of the dudes played in one way or another.  They did great.  Weak Knees, Cherry Death, Tonne, Plain Speak, Student Film.  

We've got some stuff in the pipeline.  Some new pedals.  It's been the longest break between releases that we've had since we started.  Which is fine.  I think we thrive in the crunch of a product release probably more than the day to day grind of building and selling, but we'll learn how to do this better too.  Hopefully by Summer NAMM we'll be showing them off in one way or another.  Oh, we're going to Summer NAMM and we'll have a booth.  Even if its an empty booth with our pedals sitting in the middle of it, we'll be there.  

OBNEAC (the psuedo tape release label thing comprised of Old Blood, Atria Creative and friends) has more releases in the queue.  Just waiting on tapes to show up.  Then we'll push them out the door.  Should be finishing up recording session for Tape Release 004 tonight. And then scheduling the next recording sessions after that.

Summer will be busy.  I'll be in and out of the office and the dudes will be running the place. Summer NAMM in late June and everybody will go out.  

Some videos in the pipeline to put out.  Some art collaborations in the works.  We need to order new coffee mugs in a different color.  Will probably do some different shirts in a couple of months.  

That feels like the bulk of it.  Watched Interstellar again and its been messing with me.  I should have gone to flight school.

Old Blood Noise + the Art of WolfeSun

I'm not sure how I came across Sophie's work other than on the internet, but it was a great experience, i'm so glad she agreed to do a custom design for us. Below is a quick little interview, Check out WolfeSun on social media: @wolfesun See more of her work here:

 Hello Sophie. We really don't know much about you other than we thoroughly enjoy your art, so let's learn a little bit about you and the good work you do. 
Firstly, where are you?
I am based in England, UK and I live in a little city called Hereford on the border of Wales.
How do you approach your craft?
I get an idea in my head, and then I just draw it...
What are some of the origins of the things you draw inspiration from?
All my inspiration comes from nature and mythology.
What's lead you to where you are now?
I’ve always enjoyed drawing, it keeps me content.


Old Blood Noise + Ross Adams

I've known Ross for a long time. It's fun that we finally got to do a project together (check out the custom shirt he did for us here). Ross is very involved and invested in the Oklahoma City punk contingency, curating several shows, art openings and even a music festival throughout the year in Oklahoma City. Keep an eye out for Ross' various musical and artistic endeavors, it's always fun to see what he cooks up. 

"Ross. It's been a treat to finally get to work with you on a project. You helped Old Blood out a lot at the first of this year by graciously letting us into your art studio Tall Hill Creative when we were shooting our Procession video, that was a lot of fun. I've known you since I was 16 years old and you've been producing art, photography and music this entire time I've known you. Where would you say you draw the majority of your inspiration from?

I would say the root of my inspiration in visual art stems from my interest and involvement in the diy punk movement. I’ve been staring at album covers and fliers for a little over two decades. I was obsessed with artists like Pushead and Ray Pettibon when I was younger among many other people in the realm of punk. Lately my inspirations come from working with other artist and trying to learn from their techniques. Also, I’m drawn to street art and really just anything that strikes me as subversive in an overly commercialized culture.

You seem to travel quite a bit doing music, do you think that that informs your artistic process when doing illustrations?

Absolutely, just getting to see other parts of the country constantly and even other countries I get to absorb whats happening in those places with visual artists and graffiti. I’m always looking out of the van window for interesting things and when I’m on the street or at a show I’m constantly searching for something that will capture my attention.

What's a medium you absolutely loathe working in?

lately it’s digital media or computers or whatever fancy term I don’t know. I have a strong background in photography and I have spent so much time using photoshop and other editing programs. I’ve been trying to learn illustrator lately, but it just pains me to be stuck looking at a screen and not being able to physically touch whatever it is that I am working on. I have those primitive urges when it comes to creating and they are really taking over right now.

Conversely, what's the medium you're most excited about working with currently?

Pens, it’s always pens. I love drawing. It’s my total escape from reality. When I’m drawing I feel like I’m in another world, my world."

all images in the above blog used as per the permission of the artist.

Old Blood Noise + The Art of Derek Nobbs

We had the pleasure of working with Derek on the art for our Reflector Chorus. Derek has been fun to work with. He is always up for a challenge and has some very impressive chops. He also does not seem afraid of the weird. Which is good, because we're a little weird.  He was kind enough to come back and collaborate with us again and produced an excellent custom shirt design for us. Below you'll find more of a brief interview and photos of Derek's work, his daily realm, and his fantastic cat. 

Seth: You live in the Pacific North West. Do you think your environment informs your work? If it does, then what's the origin of that inspiration?  Do you think your environment informs your work?

Derek: My work is certainly inspired by the Pacific Northwest. As far as fine art goes I paint a lot of nautical themed work which is in part inspired by the Salish Sea which surrounds us all out here in Western Washington and the history behind the region. Reaching just a little further, out to the Washington's coast is the Graveyard Of The Pacific, which includes the coast from down into Oregon up into to the top of Vancouver Island. Very treacherous waters, more than 2,000 vessels have been lost in the area. Actually this kind of shipwreck theme has also spilled over into my design work, most notably Squalor Harbor Co, a clothing and accessories project a friend and I embarked on. I was responsible for all the branding and design.  I've also painted some pieces that are more focused on the forest and the mountains that surround me out here. Nature as well as history are huge inspirations for me. 

Seth: What's the medium you currently like to work with most?

Derek: I was trained in oils and enjoyed them for a while but ultimately got tired of the smell and headache that came with it. Now my fine art and illustration I work mostly with watercolor and gouache. On occasion I throw in some ink or gold leaf if the piece calls for it. As for my design I try to do as much work outside of the computer as possible, I guess you could call it "analog." For that I use pencil, pen, ink, and sometimes watercolor or gouache.  

Seth: What do you think the longest you gone without talking to another human being is?

Derek: That's hard to say. I live inside my head so much I often forget if I've said something out loud to a person, just rehearsed it in my head, or just said it to one of the cats.  If I had to guess I would say three to four days. Someday I would like to go on some long trips into nature and see how long I can go without human communication.  It probably won't end well.

all images in the above blog used as per the permission of the artist.


this friday madness.

i never liked being around crowds.  feels alarming and chaotic and not very fun.  so black friday is a great day to sleep in if i have the luxury.  and i do.  but for OBNE, it seems impossible to escape the hullaballoo.  so we realized that we needed to be a part of this.  you have presents you want to buy?  money you want to spend?  well, we are a company making a product and it takes money for us to do that.  so, it feels appropriate to compete for your spending dollars.  your buying boners, as one Fox news analyst pitched.  buy from us.  

but maybe that's not enough.  so we wanted to sweeten the deal.  seems a bit cutthroat to slash our prices on our website, but not allow all of the shops across the world to do the same. so we don't.  but, we have tried to come up with some interesting and unique things that you can only get from  

we collaborated with four unique artists to get their interpretation of what an Old Blood shirt should look like.  Ross Adams, Ed Gruber, Derek Nobbs and Sophie Rady. some local, some not, some international.  we've got some blog posts on them and their process coming up soon too.  i believe there are 30 of each shirt in different sizes.  all white, with some different ink on each.  only on black friday (weekend plus that cyber monday goodness).

we got some coffee mugs made.  old blood noise coffee mugs.  official.  we got a modest run of these and will probably change the design once we reorder, if we ever need to.  they hold 15 ounces, so you can also pour a beer in there, which we have been doing in the afternoons.  we will have these for sale, but will also be shipping a free coffee mug with each pedal order from 11/27 to 11/30.  that's pretty cool, right?  no.  okay.  here's a little more.

we got a big old bundle of cassette tapes on eBay.  while supplies last, we will be throwing in a random cassette tape with each order from 11/27 to 11/30.  artists include Dire Straits, Melissa Ethridge, Eddie Money, Great White, Phil Collins, David Bowie and much, much more.

we have a new pedal.  we will have the presale start on 11/27.  and we hope to have it shipping fairly quickly.  its kind of magical.  there are some video things in the works.   

The Deli Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, NY

Main Drag music in Brooklyn hosted once again the Deli Magazine Stompbox Expo and this was our first year to attend. Expecting to potentially not know anyone, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and found Brian from smallsound/bigsound graciously setting up our board next to Adrienne of Red Panda. We all said in almost unison "hey, I didn't know you were going to be here" Soon thereafter and throughout the weekend I had the fortune of meeting and getting to know several of the other manufacturers in attendance. I feel like we (OBNE) came into existence during an interesting time of this industry. Lots of cool stuff is happening in the effects industry, it's really interesting to see how things are progressing and the directions companies are heading. All in all, a wonderful trip. I made new friendships, got to foster some existing ones, and got to interact face to face with people who, though totally uninvested what we're doing, were interested in this weird ride we are currently on. Brian from ss/bs and had I the opportunity to visit the Critter and Guitari office in Bushwick, that was fun and inspiring. I also stayed in an Airbnb in Prospect Heights with some gracious and interesting hosts. That was very charming. Oklahoma just doesn't have the architectural history and indications of early infrastructure that New York does (obviously), and it's so interesting to see some remnants of that stuff first hand. See you at Main Drag next summer for the next Stompbox Expo. 

MAIN DRAG MUSIC (sorry guy who I don't know and didn't ask if I could take your picture.)

MAIN DRAG MUSIC (sorry guy who I don't know and didn't ask if I could take your picture.)

Hey look it's Tom Kogut from TOMKAT Pedals. He is really nice. 

Hey look it's Tom Kogut from TOMKAT Pedals. He is really nice. 

Here's my friend Summer Messing with the C&G Pocket Piano through the Old Blood Pedals. Note Walter Becker with the Pink Strat, his guitar tech was wild and friendly. 

Here's my friend Summer Messing with the C&G Pocket Piano through the Old Blood Pedals. Note Walter Becker with the Pink Strat, his guitar tech was wild and friendly. 

Brian (smallsoundbigsound) and I had a really fun time at the Critter and Guitari workspace. Thanks to Chris and Raffi for enlightening us and being rad.

Brian (smallsoundbigsound) and I had a really fun time at the Critter and Guitari workspace. Thanks to Chris and Raffi for enlightening us and being rad.



That Bushwick Blues.

this might not be for you. you might not like this.


I started a blog post back in June titled "something for everyone," in which I felt the need to explore and justify the weirdness of some of our pedals and most recently (fresh on my mind) the quirkiness of the Reflector Chorus Noisemaker.  I quickly ran out of steam.  The anxiety of whether or not people will like or "get" what we are aiming for with our pedals dissipated and reformed in the shape of obstination.  I challenge you to like it.  I dare you to even try it.  See if you can wrangle it in to make weird and pleasant noises.  Maybe it's just for us.  And that'd be fine too.  

we love oklahoma.  before the bug swarm overtook us.

Reflectors are shipping now.  So, hopefully you start seeing and hearing them around.  We are going out to the country plains of Oklahoma to shoot a technical video tonight.  Dogs, horses, noises and a sunset.  Sounds like a real treat.  

This summer has been busy.  And I'm sure everyone everywhere is busy too.  It seems to take a lot of energy to get anything going, so such is the case here.  Traveling a lot.  Watching babies and kids grow up.  Dreaming about playing more music, but never quite getting there.  Needing to write articles.  Needing to write screenplays.  Thinking through what's next for OBNE.  What do people want.  What do we want. 

We've got some ideas for a couple of new video series.  Already shot one episode with Jack Deville of Mr. Black.  Learned a lot.  About pedals, business and life.  And love.  We love that man.  Also played and loved his new pedal, the Shepard's End Infinite Flanger.

So let's see what happens next.