Garrett Young and the Art of the Procession

From its earliest formulations, it was clear to us that the Procession would have a decidedly Science Fiction persona (and yes, even a persona, as we anthropomorphize our pedals). The Procession is meant to summon the sounds one might hear if they were transported to a far off interstellar system to experience sights unseen, lifeforms unmet, and noises unheard. From the onset of the Procession project, I knew that Garrett Young was the perfect selection to create said artwork. I've personally been following Garrett's work for the last few years and was excited to have a project we could bring him on for. Garrett live in Oklahoma City, and his art is touted across the globe, in the comic book community and well beyond. His work speaks for itself, so enjoy getting lost in the links below. If you ever find yourself in proximity of one of his shows, check it out!

Procession Technical Demo is Live

We turn the knobs of the Procession Reverb and talk about all of the potential sound variables, because some people want to see that. As per usual, we did it in our own way. 

here we are. breaking into springtime. out of the cold, bitter touch of winter. so we, the Old Blood and Atria crews, found our way into City Pres in OKC. we brought our new Procession Reverb with us to fill the room with fun. we imbibed the grapes of riffs.


We spent the last few weeks of Oklahoma's bitter winter packing up, moving, and preparing our new space. We started out in a shed, which we love and will look back on fondly, but it was high-time we expanded. and we did just that. We're still located in Norman, just in a much bigger space with the room we need to sustain and grow as company and crew. We'll be hosting an open house in the coming months, look out for info coming on that. And if you're ever going to be in the area, hit us up. we'd love to pour you a coffee or beer and give you a tour. 


Below is a hastily compiled 360° panorama of the Bull Pen so you can see some of our workspace. We love it. Click it to zoom in.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors HQ, Oklahoma USA

Bring On The Video, You Guys.

I like doing video. I enjoy it in a general sense, no matter the project I'm working on, but I especially love producing Old Blood Videos. I cherish the whole process, from pre-production all the way through to encoding and uploading to share with the masses. In addition, I like to see what other people are doing with their pedals and how they're coupling them with aural and visual elements. From cellphone excerpts to fully produced videos, there is something interesting to be found an all of them. I've been poking around lately and found some videos people are making using our pedals coupled with other effects and interesting instruments, taking ownership of the sounds and visuals. That's rad. Below are some stills and links to YouTube channels that are making cool stuff but there's plenty more out there on YouTube, and even still images and videos on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, just search for the following hashtags to check them out. And if the A/V spirit compels you, make your own. And if you're making them, make sure to send them our way. I'd love to check them out.

#oldbloodnoise #oldbloodnoiseendeavors #blackfountain #oldbloodhaunt #oldbloodprocession

The Procession Is Here

    OUT OF THE HAZY, SAND BLOWN DISTANCE something approaches off the horizon.  Moving slowly and deliberately, all at once there and then all at once not.  Seeming to slip in and out of existance.  It echoes in the open air, like a voice that is nearly imperceptable wafting insinde a gale of wind.  As the cavalcade makes its way through the desert landscapes, it carries in tow the sounds of another world—drifting textures awash in the infinite panorama of space.  There is no way to be sure if the sounds are arriving or departing, though, perhaps there is no difference between the two things.  Sound cascading from nothingness. Sound decaying into nothingness.  Does it start where another ends?  Does the noise of our world end where another’s begin? 
     The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession is a modulated-reverb pedal containing three modes. The controls of the Procession are as follows:Mix : Controls the mix of affected and unaffected signal.  All the way down is 100% unaffected signal, all the way up is 100% wet, affected signal.
Reverb : Controls the amount of reverb or, more accurately, the decay of the reverb.  All the way down is a short amount of reverb trail, 90% up is a long sustain reverb and all the way up will lock in whatever note you are playing when it is turned to the full 100% position.  In order to get the reverb back in the mix, you must turn the control down past the 90% position.
Speed : Controls the rate of the selected modulation mode.
Depth : Controls the depth of the selected modulation mode.
    The Procession has a toggle switch for selecting one of the the three
available modulation modes:   Flange, Filter, and Tremolo.  
    The Speed and Depth controls are specifically for the modulation.  The reverb signal flows into whichever modulation is selected.  To use the Procession as a normal reverb without any sort of modulation, select the Tremolo mode, turn the Speed and Depth controls all the way down (0%), then dial in your Mix and Reverb controls.
    You may have noticed that the Procession has two footswitches.  The Bypass switch is your standard on/off True Bypass switch.  The Hold switch is a momentary footswitch that when pressed, will lock in whatever note is being played through the reverb effect.  This will sustain as long as the Hold switch is pressed.  If the Mix control is set less than 100% wet, you can continue to play over the sustaining reverb signal.
    It seems simple, and it is, but there are some tricks.  Some ways to unlock some other-worldly sounds.  But you will have to experiment.  You have to press in. Challange yourself. And then challange the Procession.  Write a song.  Perhaps a twenty minute reverb drone.  One that pierces your brain with each movement. Then drink some coffee.  Then write another one.  And another one.  Watch some Sci-Fi.  That always seems to help. 

Let's Proceed.


The Procession Reverb is what we would use to make every science fiction movie we could come up. Since the ultimate goal is to go to space, we felt the Procession could help us get there.
A digital reverb with three modulation modes (Flange, Filter and Tremolo), the Mix and Reverb (decay) controls apply to the Reverb signal while the Speed and Depth controls apply to the chosen modulation. Oh, and there's a hold switch. To make things sustain. Forever. 

This video was produced by Atria Creative and shot over two days by Blake Studdard, Mark Elliott, and Seth McCarroll. The musical collaborators are Brady Smith, Kilyn Massey, Blake Studdard, Brent Hodge and Seth McCarroll. And then Seth edited the music. And then Seth edited the footage. Because Seth rules.

So get ready for some guitar faces, slow motion walking and an empty pool. And improve music put to footage.

Oh, the presale for the Procession starts now. Right now. Once this video is live. On the internets. Get it. | video by


Haunt Fuzz Technical Demo Is Live.

We took the technical demo video live for the Haunt, Old Blood's most recent pedal endeavor; a two-mode gated fuzz with added versatility found in the fuzz, gate, mix, and tone controls, a long with a Low switch which adds an additional bass boost to your signal.  Brady, Kilyn, and I give a thorough explanation of each potentiometers control parameters, as well as illustrate what the Mode and the Low toggles do in conjunction with each knob. We also drink coffee and beer and do our best to make it fun and interesting. Technicals demos can be a bit boorish, so we decided once again to give you a video that's informative and useful while also fun and engaging. I'm not saying knowledge or learning things is boring, but watching people turn knobs on a pedal kind of is. As per usual, i digress. The video is imbedded below, or you can go to to view it along with all of our other videos and join in on the conversation in the video comments. Put your two cents in there, let's try and get up to a dollar's worth. 

Daniel Danger and the Art of the Haunt

For the Haunt artwork we wanted something spooky, dark, and compelling. So we contracted Daniel of Tiny Media Empire to do his thing. And his thing he definitely did. For this story, let's rewind a few months...

Brady and I were processing black fountain pre-orders back in the fall when we saw Daniel's name on an order. We both were excited because we both love Daniel's art and approach to design (brady actually has a large print of daniel's framed and hanging in his living room). So we reached out to him and said something along the lines of "hey. you rule. want to design art for a pedal?" and he said "yes." because he rules. The process was easy and fun, Daniel's professionalism and love of effects made this an especially enjoyable project to put together. Daniel has a painting entitled Wet Teeth In The Darkness that touches me somewhere inside of my brain that makes me go "dang" and daniel was open to the idea of using that piece (and the wolves featured in the piece) as loose inspiration for the design. as you can see, he blasted it right out of the park. Check out his work on and maybe pick up some prints. 

a long line of change to a short run of now.

been sitting here, stagnant for a lot longer than i'm usually comfortable with.  because we had a kid.  and he can't do much for himself.  so i've been sticking around the house, changing diapers, trying to be helpful, doing doctor appointments.  and i like him.  and i'm entering into a new and exciting and scary stage of life.  but also seth and i are dreaming up new stuff for Old Blood.  new pedals, new videos, new sounds, new opportunities.  all of that.  i've got this weird streak of optimism.  probably just the baby thing.  

but here's what is coming up:

the haunt fuzz is going to ship soon.  im thinking december 5th.  its a friday.  seems like a good time.  should have everything ready.  

then there's something else in the works.  a line.  a line of something.  in the desert.  of space. and time.

we have a few episodes of coffee and riffs left and we should start shooting some soon.  location scouting has already begun.  some new toys in the lineup too.

need some good, new coffee.

that's it.





Mr. Black Pedals always making us happy.

Jack is doing something very rad over at with tomorrow's (10/31) release of his ThunderClaw pedal. For the first 50 sold, the buyer is allowed to decide to pay anywhere between $100-$400 for the pedal. The reason being he is giving 100% of the proceeds of those first 50 ThunderClaw units sold to the  Pixie Project, a non profit animal rescue and adoption center in Portland, OR. Yep, 100%. Dude is bananas. I'm inspired by his generous spirit, so if you'd like to read more and/ or take part, here's a link to the blog where he explains in depth how to participate and how to learn more about the  Pixie Project.

Haunt 0001 Giveaway

We're giving away a Haunt in celebration of its impending release release. Not only that, but we're giving away unit #0001. All one must do is follow @oldbloodnoise, share the image with the hashtag #oldbloodhaunt to be entered to win. The winner will be announced and notified November 7th. *Entering more than once does not increase one's chance of winning, but feel free to share away. 

A Haunting Endeavor.

We are excited to announce the impending release of the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt. The Haunt is a gated fuzz with two clipping modes, bass-boost, and a wet/dry mix. Inspired by Brady's original design of the limited released of the Little Ax Effects Gatekeeper, this redux features a wider scope of control of all parameters, along with a wet/dry mix function that allows the player to control the ratio of effected versus uneffected signal. 

Presale for the Haunt begins here on our site at 12:00am October 31, 2014. 

Click Below to View the Demo video for the Haunt.

Three Videos and a Baby. Okay, No Baby.

It's been a rad and busy week at OBHQ. We got our Black Fountain demo video up yesterday with the help of Atria Creative and several rad friends and, I gotta say, that feels really good. Lots of long hours and late nights we jammed into the last week to get it done by everyone involved and I'm very pleased with the collaborative effort. After the initial video we had several requests for something more technical explaining the parameters of each mode and knob. Ask and ye shall receive ...something sort of like what you asked for. I mean, c'mon. technical demos can be hard to trudge through sometimes, so why not shoot it in an interesting location? like a pool that you may or may not have been invited to use as a location? In addition to those two videos, our friend Andy Othling produced a thorough and practical pedal demo spotlighting some of the sounds capable with the Black Fountain. That guy; he's really great. All three videos are embedded below, enjoy the riffs. 


Sam Larson and the Artwork of the Black Fountain

so, one of the things that we both think is pretty great is good artwork, which we strive to incorporate into whatever we are doing with old blood.  seth's a designer but he'll tell you he's not an illustrator, and brady cant really draw either.  so we tend to look for some outside inspiration when it comes to pedal art.  

brady was out on the road working a few months back and met a tour manager named jeff pereira who had mentioned a buddy of his, sam larson from san diego.  sam does amazing work; we especially like his tiny illustrations that look to be done with micron pens and watercolor.  we started the art convo with him and threw around some ideas for the black fountain.  what he sent over was rad and fit exactly the vibe we were going for.  he was kind enough to send us the originals which we're going to frame and hang in obhq.  seeing his process and approach is inspiring.  so thanks jeff, for introducing us to him.  and thanks sam, for being rad.

look sam up on his website as well as his instagram @samlarson.  

–brady & seth

sam's original pieces he used to composite the black fountain artwork.





T-minus some days and hours.

Listening to the latest Mogwai record, Ravetapes.  Drinking some cold brew from Reanimator Coffee in Philadelphia that Seth made.  And figuring out the final steps for the Black Fountain Delay pedal that we've spent the last few months working on.  The last year dreaming of.  Seth's computer is still down, so he does a good amount of journal transcribing.  Notes for a time when he can type it in.  Sent out some test units to some good friends, promising feedback so far.  Should have some demo videos from them in the coming week.  

Seth takes notes and figures out box designs.  All on his phone and notepad.

Seth takes notes and figures out box designs.  All on his phone and notepad.

Worked on and shot our Black Fountain demo last week.  Seth is starting on the edit today.  Was a good party.  The shoot at the farm left me with nearly a hundred bug bites, most on my right leg all the way up to my groin.  Shouldn't have done the shoot in my underwear, I guess. 

In the woods for the Black Fountain demo video.  Dudes hanging out.

Hoping to have the website up today.  Then this post can be read.  

As for the Black Fountain, we are going to start with one hundred units and see how it goes.  If the response seems positive, we will quickly get some more going.  They will be available for pre-sale on our website on August 1st.  And we hope to deliver them by the 18th of August. 

I have green nail polish all over me where there are bug bites.  Just in case they're chiggers.  You guys know about chiggers?