Haunt Fuzz Technical Demo Is Live.

We took the technical demo video live for the Haunt, Old Blood's most recent pedal endeavor; a two-mode gated fuzz with added versatility found in the fuzz, gate, mix, and tone controls, a long with a Low switch which adds an additional bass boost to your signal.  Brady, Kilyn, and I give a thorough explanation of each potentiometers control parameters, as well as illustrate what the Mode and the Low toggles do in conjunction with each knob. We also drink coffee and beer and do our best to make it fun and interesting. Technicals demos can be a bit boorish, so we decided once again to give you a video that's informative and useful while also fun and engaging. I'm not saying knowledge or learning things is boring, but watching people turn knobs on a pedal kind of is. As per usual, i digress. The video is imbedded below, or you can go to youtube.com/oldbloodnoise to view it along with all of our other videos and join in on the conversation in the video comments. Put your two cents in there, let's try and get up to a dollar's worth.