This Is Why I Like You - Signal Blender+Excess

Dan did an experiment with Signal Blender and two Excess Distortion+Chorus/Delays. Below is Dan’s takeaway from the experience, Enjoy the video; shot and editing in-house by Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

“My first goal with the Signal Blender was an effect parallelizer: a simple tool to let you blend two effects in parallel. Over time, it grew in little ways that continually opened up new possibilities, but I always come back to the joy of parallel effects. One of my first joys in that world was the Excess; a heavy distortion riding alongside a clean chorus was sort of a revelation. So I thought, with Signal Blender alive in the world, why not parallelize two Excess set to parallel?

I started with a Korg Volca Beats, which is a great tool to quickly craft a beat to guide an exploration. I love the way a long kick gets squashed and tonal when heavily distorted, so I let that be my starting point. On one Excess I had a light and bright overdrive running alongside a chorus. On the other I had a heavy and dark distortion running alongside a short delay with a lot of feedback. I love the variable comb filter created by that delay, so I started sliding the time around with the Expression Slider and initialized the loop.

For the guitar parts, I just knew I wanted it to be in a major key. I tried to get in the tonal range of the drums and push it somewhere uplifting. At this point things get murky: continued expression slider usage, shifting of other controls, switching to series on both Excess… by the end I’d maxed the feedback on the delayed Excess so it would harmonize to a fifth, and that’s the sound I rode out on. Big chords with a perfect fifth harmony, so distorted that they’re ready to feedback at the slightest nudge. This was a five or six minute improv, but I probably could’ve lived in that sound for the rest of the day.”