This Is Why I Like You - Reflector V3 ft. Dan Pechacek

When Seth, Brady, and Kilyn asked if I could do a This Is Why I Like You exploring some of my favorite nooks and crannies of  Reflector V3, I found myself unsure where to start. It’s a strange chorus pedal - it does chorus very well. It’s lush and tweakable. But it also does so many other things that live in extremes or very precise spots in a knob’s turn. To find those sounds, craft a piece, perform the piece… how much can one do in an afternoon. So I thought, maybe let’s explore this together. I’ll find a sound in the top mode. Roll cameras please. We’ll start a loop and go from there. I started with a harmony - a perfect fifth below my signal, with no chorus to speak of. Suddenly it felt like someone was playing a baritone while I played guitar. Lovely and deep. From there, I moved to the middle mode and found a slow pitch vibrato. I turned on the Greer Amps Lightspeed for light grit that gave the entire signal the sense of a grainy record. I thought of Graham Coxon’s singular contribution to Blur’s “Think Tank,” the simultaneous grandiosity and uncertainty of a gritty guitar waving in and out of pitch. While there I introduced reverb with the Modulate control, and because my Mix control was already all the way up it created a swelling effect. More dirt from the Fender Pelt fuzz and we were off to the races. I switched to the bottom mode and brought the rate all the way down so I could find a fixed resonant filter that would goose the fuzz, setting the frequency with Modulate. I figured I’d rip a solo until I remembered I cannot rip a solo. So I touched the Depth knob - here’s a fun thing. You don’t hear the very minor delay introduced by the Depth until you start to move it - counterclockwise to pitch up, clockwise to pitch down. With a sustained note it resettles very quickly. From there I imagined it was time to let the rate start moving again, so I pushed that control out and got a little noisy. When making the tweaks that would become V3, I wanted subtlety, nuance, restraint. Everything must be pretty, I thought. And it has to play well with dirt. Before and after. But I’d forgotten: this pedal is fun. It’s really fun. It’s music, and music is fun. We were maybe 15 minutes deep and it had been a nice meditation on the Reflector V3. I turned my loop and pedals off and we resumed the afternoon. I hope you enjoy these minutes.

Thanks to our friends for lending their wares for this video:

Island Instruments Anzol Guitar

Greer Amps Light Speed Overdrive

Fender Pelt Fuzz