This Is Why I Like You - Kilyn and the Haunt

I enjoy fuzz, a lot. When I chose to use the Haunt, I immediately decided against using it to stack multiple single note guitar leads because I wanted to show off how versatile our fuzz is. Being able to switch between two different modes of fuzz with a bass boost leaves the door open to use this pedal on so many different types of instruments. Throwing in the mix knob allows you to keep whatever tone you have set, with a little dirt behind it. So, to start, I ran the Korg Volca Beats through the Haunt to set a rhythm to build off of. After that I started adding layers of noises using different instruments. When I finished all the layers, I ran the track through a Fostex 4-Track, and then back through the interface into my laptop to give it all an extra texture. As a result, I ended up with a warm, fuzzy track. How fun.

Kilyn Is Lead Builder at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Below are a few photos of him in the process of creating the piece as well as an accompanying video component he and Brent produced.