This Is Why I Like You - Brady and the Dark Star

It might be important to note why this "Why I Like You" series needs to exist.  It probably seems like it doesn't need to—Why would we need to start a discussion about why we like our own pedals?  Well, after you've tested over 1,000 of the same pedal, using the same notes, turning the same knobs and only listening for correct functionality, it becomes easy to forget what that pedal can actually do or how it feels to create something with the sounds it can produce.  That's why.  Because we forget.  

So, this week, Seth tasked me with re-exploring the Dark Star.  This gloriously noisey yet soft spoken reverb, cable of fully washing out the instrument to create seamless notes.  We champion it as a "pad-like" reverb, meaning it is easy to create swells and transition from different notes with little to no attack.  Something that I've always wanted in guitar pedals, often resulting in stacking multiple reverbs and delays to fully wash away the attack of a note. In my mind, it is the sound of the opening track on Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol's first record.  Soft melodies buried in a wash of reverb, stacked on one another.  So, that's how I use this pedal.  To create a wall of washed out sounds, mostly from one, unassuming pedal.  This is Why I Like You.