This Is Why I Like You - Pancakes and Mondegreen

Mondegreen. When we first met last summer, I thought I knew who you were.  You’re a delay pedal, right? So I say “bing,” and you say “bing” a little bit later?  But I said “bing,” and you responded softly: b’ing. You made me think about perception, about time, about the little differences. The octaves were pretty, yes. The chorus I understood. But the tremolo. To put a tremolo on a delay trail seems like such a simple idea, but to really hear it is a different thing entirely. Two different rhythms playing with each other and with the player. Trying to do something in time, but not being sure whether to listen to the attack or to the rise and fall. So I kicked on a fuzz and gave into the idea that we can listen without counting. It’s a pleasure, Mondegreen, to learn something new from you.

Dan is the purchasing manager and screenprinting technician at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Below you'll find the video component he produced show his process in real time.