Atiya Jones of Twelve Twenty Studios and The Art of the Excess


For every Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedal release I contract a different artist to create the artwork—It's one of my most favorite parts of the job. For the Excess I was looking for something that visually summons tumult and unpredictable undulation, much like the excess does sonically. I was explaining my loose concept/ idea to a  close friend and she pointed me in the direction of Atiya's work. I immediately reached out to Atiya because her style and vibe were perfect for the project.  Below are some words from Atiya on her process and approach, be sure to check out her website and follow her on social media @_twelvetwenty. We're honored to and grateful to Atiya for lending her skill and craft to the Old Blood line. -Seth McCarroll


All photos used with permission via Atiya Jones. Color photo of Atiya by Jenna Houston.

"My work conjures apophenia, which is the psychological concept of finding patterns where they do not exist. People have a propensity to fight for definition and sense where it does not exist. I find it to be both a really beautiful and detrimental trait in our strange species. 

I use my art and creative workshops, above all else, to connect with people. Making contributions towards building a sense of community is my purpose, and these Wildlines allow me to just that. As a non-musician, this project places my work within a community to which I am normally just a voyeur. I’m very proud of this project and grateful for the opportunity to share it with your team and clients."