We've been quiet for too long.

It happens sometimes.  We get busy.  Bogged down by the day in and day out of Old Blood, building pedals, answering emails, thinking about what's next, worrying about overhead and how to make everything work.  Shooting videos, trying to play music, having families, growing old, all that jazz.  And one thing that will always suffer when that happens is this blog.  Or any blog. Because who knows who really reads this thing.  Its more of an informative emotional dump that probably benefits us more than anyone else.  So.  Here's an update.

Norman Music Festival happened.  All of the dudes played in one way or another.  They did great.  Weak Knees, Cherry Death, Tonne, Plain Speak, Student Film.  

We've got some stuff in the pipeline.  Some new pedals.  It's been the longest break between releases that we've had since we started.  Which is fine.  I think we thrive in the crunch of a product release probably more than the day to day grind of building and selling, but we'll learn how to do this better too.  Hopefully by Summer NAMM we'll be showing them off in one way or another.  Oh, we're going to Summer NAMM and we'll have a booth.  Even if its an empty booth with our pedals sitting in the middle of it, we'll be there.  

OBNEAC (the psuedo tape release label thing comprised of Old Blood, Atria Creative and friends) has more releases in the queue.  Just waiting on tapes to show up.  Then we'll push them out the door.  Should be finishing up recording session for Tape Release 004 tonight. And then scheduling the next recording sessions after that.

Summer will be busy.  I'll be in and out of the office and the dudes will be running the place. Summer NAMM in late June and everybody will go out.  

Some videos in the pipeline to put out.  Some art collaborations in the works.  We need to order new coffee mugs in a different color.  Will probably do some different shirts in a couple of months.  

That feels like the bulk of it.  Watched Interstellar again and its been messing with me.  I should have gone to flight school.