Break the silence with a #boardofpower giveaway.

UPDATE 10/21/16
We chose a winner and the giveaway is done.  Phew.  All of that info is on the Instragram.  Although stuff like this is fun, it can be a bit taxing to promote.  So, we're done with this for awhile.  Thanks to all of the rad companies that contributed.  Back to normal programming.

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Ooops.  Did it again.  Haven't posted in awhile.  Rule #1 of a blog: Don't sputter out.  Always post.  So.  Sorry about that.  But here's a good reason to start talking again.  

To celebrate the release of the OBNE Mondegreen Delay, we partnered with other rad companies to compile a powerful pedalboard.  All the weird you would need.  And now we are going to give it away.  

Introducing the PEDALBOARD of POWER giveaway.  Because great power requires great responsibility.  

Here's what we've got:  A Temple Audio Trio 21, fully wired by Disaster Area Plugs and Powered by two Strymon Ojai supplies, featuring A Mantic Flex Pro, Caroline Guitar Co. Haymaker, Smallsound/Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machine, Chase Bliss Audio Spectre, OId Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen, Alexander Pedals Space Xpander, Dwarfcraft Happiness and a TC Electronics Polytune Mini and Ditto Looper.

Here are the rules: 

On your Instagram, repost and tag the companies and #boardofpower.  That's it.  That's what let's more people know about it.  That's the point.  To tell more people about these pedals. And someone gets them all along the way. 

Winner drawn on 10/21.  That's a Friday.  Because Friday's are great so it will be someone's ultimate Friday.  

Contest is open to the nations of the world.  Worldwide.  Everyone. In. The. World.

No freaking purchase necessary, of course.  Just report and use that hashtag.  Winner will be randomly selected from the hashtag #boardofpower.

The people to tag:

It's a lot right?  But is it that much work if you're getting the chance to freely win NINE weird & sweet pedals, two power supplies and a fully wired pedal board?  No, its not too much.  Its not enough, probably.  

Some Gimme Sixty videos to highlight what each of these noisemakers might be capable of: