this might not be for you. you might not like this.


I started a blog post back in June titled "something for everyone," in which I felt the need to explore and justify the weirdness of some of our pedals and most recently (fresh on my mind) the quirkiness of the Reflector Chorus Noisemaker.  I quickly ran out of steam.  The anxiety of whether or not people will like or "get" what we are aiming for with our pedals dissipated and reformed in the shape of obstination.  I challenge you to like it.  I dare you to even try it.  See if you can wrangle it in to make weird and pleasant noises.  Maybe it's just for us.  And that'd be fine too.  

we love oklahoma.  before the bug swarm overtook us.

Reflectors are shipping now.  So, hopefully you start seeing and hearing them around.  We are going out to the country plains of Oklahoma to shoot a technical video tonight.  Dogs, horses, noises and a sunset.  Sounds like a real treat.  

This summer has been busy.  And I'm sure everyone everywhere is busy too.  It seems to take a lot of energy to get anything going, so such is the case here.  Traveling a lot.  Watching babies and kids grow up.  Dreaming about playing more music, but never quite getting there.  Needing to write articles.  Needing to write screenplays.  Thinking through what's next for OBNE.  What do people want.  What do we want. 

We've got some ideas for a couple of new video series.  Already shot one episode with Jack Deville of Mr. Black.  Learned a lot.  About pedals, business and life.  And love.  We love that man.  Also played and loved his new pedal, the Shepard's End Infinite Flanger.

So let's see what happens next.