Garrett Young and the Art of the Procession

From its earliest formulations, it was clear to us that the Procession would have a decidedly Science Fiction persona (and yes, even a persona, as we anthropomorphize our pedals). The Procession is meant to summon the sounds one might hear if they were transported to a far off interstellar system to experience sights unseen, lifeforms unmet, and noises unheard. From the onset of the Procession project, I knew that Garrett Young was the perfect selection to create said artwork. I've personally been following Garrett's work for the last few years and was excited to have a project we could bring him on for. Garrett live in Oklahoma City, and his art is touted across the globe, in the comic book community and well beyond. His work speaks for itself, so enjoy getting lost in the links below. If you ever find yourself in proximity of one of his shows, check it out!