The Procession Is Here

    OUT OF THE HAZY, SAND BLOWN DISTANCE something approaches off the horizon.  Moving slowly and deliberately, all at once there and then all at once not.  Seeming to slip in and out of existance.  It echoes in the open air, like a voice that is nearly imperceptable wafting insinde a gale of wind.  As the cavalcade makes its way through the desert landscapes, it carries in tow the sounds of another world—drifting textures awash in the infinite panorama of space.  There is no way to be sure if the sounds are arriving or departing, though, perhaps there is no difference between the two things.  Sound cascading from nothingness. Sound decaying into nothingness.  Does it start where another ends?  Does the noise of our world end where another’s begin? 
     The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession is a modulated-reverb pedal containing three modes. The controls of the Procession are as follows:Mix : Controls the mix of affected and unaffected signal.  All the way down is 100% unaffected signal, all the way up is 100% wet, affected signal.
Reverb : Controls the amount of reverb or, more accurately, the decay of the reverb.  All the way down is a short amount of reverb trail, 90% up is a long sustain reverb and all the way up will lock in whatever note you are playing when it is turned to the full 100% position.  In order to get the reverb back in the mix, you must turn the control down past the 90% position.
Speed : Controls the rate of the selected modulation mode.
Depth : Controls the depth of the selected modulation mode.
    The Procession has a toggle switch for selecting one of the the three
available modulation modes:   Flange, Filter, and Tremolo.  
    The Speed and Depth controls are specifically for the modulation.  The reverb signal flows into whichever modulation is selected.  To use the Procession as a normal reverb without any sort of modulation, select the Tremolo mode, turn the Speed and Depth controls all the way down (0%), then dial in your Mix and Reverb controls.
    You may have noticed that the Procession has two footswitches.  The Bypass switch is your standard on/off True Bypass switch.  The Hold switch is a momentary footswitch that when pressed, will lock in whatever note is being played through the reverb effect.  This will sustain as long as the Hold switch is pressed.  If the Mix control is set less than 100% wet, you can continue to play over the sustaining reverb signal.
    It seems simple, and it is, but there are some tricks.  Some ways to unlock some other-worldly sounds.  But you will have to experiment.  You have to press in. Challange yourself. And then challange the Procession.  Write a song.  Perhaps a twenty minute reverb drone.  One that pierces your brain with each movement. Then drink some coffee.  Then write another one.  And another one.  Watch some Sci-Fi.  That always seems to help. 

Let's Proceed.


The Procession Reverb is what we would use to make every science fiction movie we could come up. Since the ultimate goal is to go to space, we felt the Procession could help us get there.
A digital reverb with three modulation modes (Flange, Filter and Tremolo), the Mix and Reverb (decay) controls apply to the Reverb signal while the Speed and Depth controls apply to the chosen modulation. Oh, and there's a hold switch. To make things sustain. Forever. 

This video was produced by Atria Creative and shot over two days by Blake Studdard, Mark Elliott, and Seth McCarroll. The musical collaborators are Brady Smith, Kilyn Massey, Blake Studdard, Brent Hodge and Seth McCarroll. And then Seth edited the music. And then Seth edited the footage. Because Seth rules.

So get ready for some guitar faces, slow motion walking and an empty pool. And improve music put to footage.

Oh, the presale for the Procession starts now. Right now. Once this video is live. On the internets. Get it. | video by