Old Blood Noise + the Art of WolfeSun

I'm not sure how I came across Sophie's work other than on the internet, but it was a great experience, i'm so glad she agreed to do a custom design for us. Below is a quick little interview, Check out WolfeSun on social media: @wolfesun See more of her work here: wolfesun.bigcartel.com

 Hello Sophie. We really don't know much about you other than we thoroughly enjoy your art, so let's learn a little bit about you and the good work you do. 
Firstly, where are you?
I am based in England, UK and I live in a little city called Hereford on the border of Wales.
How do you approach your craft?
I get an idea in my head, and then I just draw it...
What are some of the origins of the things you draw inspiration from?
All my inspiration comes from nature and mythology.
What's lead you to where you are now?
I’ve always enjoyed drawing, it keeps me content.