Old Blood Noise + The Art of Derek Nobbs

We had the pleasure of working with Derek on the art for our Reflector Chorus. Derek has been fun to work with. He is always up for a challenge and has some very impressive chops. He also does not seem afraid of the weird. Which is good, because we're a little weird.  He was kind enough to come back and collaborate with us again and produced an excellent custom shirt design for us. Below you'll find more of a brief interview and photos of Derek's work, his daily realm, and his fantastic cat. 

Seth: You live in the Pacific North West. Do you think your environment informs your work? If it does, then what's the origin of that inspiration?  Do you think your environment informs your work?

Derek: My work is certainly inspired by the Pacific Northwest. As far as fine art goes I paint a lot of nautical themed work which is in part inspired by the Salish Sea which surrounds us all out here in Western Washington and the history behind the region. Reaching just a little further, out to the Washington's coast is the Graveyard Of The Pacific, which includes the coast from down into Oregon up into to the top of Vancouver Island. Very treacherous waters, more than 2,000 vessels have been lost in the area. Actually this kind of shipwreck theme has also spilled over into my design work, most notably Squalor Harbor Co, a clothing and accessories project a friend and I embarked on. I was responsible for all the branding and design.  I've also painted some pieces that are more focused on the forest and the mountains that surround me out here. Nature as well as history are huge inspirations for me. 

Seth: What's the medium you currently like to work with most?

Derek: I was trained in oils and enjoyed them for a while but ultimately got tired of the smell and headache that came with it. Now my fine art and illustration I work mostly with watercolor and gouache. On occasion I throw in some ink or gold leaf if the piece calls for it. As for my design I try to do as much work outside of the computer as possible, I guess you could call it "analog." For that I use pencil, pen, ink, and sometimes watercolor or gouache.  

Seth: What do you think the longest you gone without talking to another human being is?

Derek: That's hard to say. I live inside my head so much I often forget if I've said something out loud to a person, just rehearsed it in my head, or just said it to one of the cats.  If I had to guess I would say three to four days. Someday I would like to go on some long trips into nature and see how long I can go without human communication.  It probably won't end well. 


all images in the above blog used as per the permission of the artist.