Old Blood Noise + Ross Adams

I've known Ross for a long time. It's fun that we finally got to do a project together (check out the custom shirt he did for us here). Ross is very involved and invested in the Oklahoma City punk contingency, curating several shows, art openings and even a music festival throughout the year in Oklahoma City. Keep an eye out for Ross' various musical and artistic endeavors, it's always fun to see what he cooks up. 

"Ross. It's been a treat to finally get to work with you on a project. You helped Old Blood out a lot at the first of this year by graciously letting us into your art studio Tall Hill Creative when we were shooting our Procession video, that was a lot of fun. I've known you since I was 16 years old and you've been producing art, photography and music this entire time I've known you. Where would you say you draw the majority of your inspiration from?

I would say the root of my inspiration in visual art stems from my interest and involvement in the diy punk movement. I’ve been staring at album covers and fliers for a little over two decades. I was obsessed with artists like Pushead and Ray Pettibon when I was younger among many other people in the realm of punk. Lately my inspirations come from working with other artist and trying to learn from their techniques. Also, I’m drawn to street art and really just anything that strikes me as subversive in an overly commercialized culture.

You seem to travel quite a bit doing music, do you think that that informs your artistic process when doing illustrations?

Absolutely, just getting to see other parts of the country constantly and even other countries I get to absorb whats happening in those places with visual artists and graffiti. I’m always looking out of the van window for interesting things and when I’m on the street or at a show I’m constantly searching for something that will capture my attention.

What's a medium you absolutely loathe working in?

lately it’s digital media or computers or whatever fancy term I don’t know. I have a strong background in photography and I have spent so much time using photoshop and other editing programs. I’ve been trying to learn illustrator lately, but it just pains me to be stuck looking at a screen and not being able to physically touch whatever it is that I am working on. I have those primitive urges when it comes to creating and they are really taking over right now.

Conversely, what's the medium you're most excited about working with currently?

Pens, it’s always pens. I love drawing. It’s my total escape from reality. When I’m drawing I feel like I’m in another world, my world."

all images in the above blog used as per the permission of the artist.