this friday madness.

i never liked being around crowds.  feels alarming and chaotic and not very fun.  so black friday is a great day to sleep in if i have the luxury.  and i do.  but for OBNE, it seems impossible to escape the hullaballoo.  so we realized that we needed to be a part of this.  you have presents you want to buy?  money you want to spend?  well, we are a company making a product and it takes money for us to do that.  so, it feels appropriate to compete for your spending dollars.  your buying boners, as one Fox news analyst pitched.  buy from us.  

but maybe that's not enough.  so we wanted to sweeten the deal.  seems a bit cutthroat to slash our prices on our website, but not allow all of the shops across the world to do the same. so we don't.  but, we have tried to come up with some interesting and unique things that you can only get from  

we collaborated with four unique artists to get their interpretation of what an Old Blood shirt should look like.  Ross Adams, Ed Gruber, Derek Nobbs and Sophie Rady. some local, some not, some international.  we've got some blog posts on them and their process coming up soon too.  i believe there are 30 of each shirt in different sizes.  all white, with some different ink on each.  only on black friday (weekend plus that cyber monday goodness).

we got some coffee mugs made.  old blood noise coffee mugs.  official.  we got a modest run of these and will probably change the design once we reorder, if we ever need to.  they hold 15 ounces, so you can also pour a beer in there, which we have been doing in the afternoons.  we will have these for sale, but will also be shipping a free coffee mug with each pedal order from 11/27 to 11/30.  that's pretty cool, right?  no.  okay.  here's a little more.

we got a big old bundle of cassette tapes on eBay.  while supplies last, we will be throwing in a random cassette tape with each order from 11/27 to 11/30.  artists include Dire Straits, Melissa Ethridge, Eddie Money, Great White, Phil Collins, David Bowie and much, much more.

we have a new pedal.  we will have the presale start on 11/27.  and we hope to have it shipping fairly quickly.  its kind of magical.  there are some video things in the works.