a long line of change to a short run of now.

been sitting here, stagnant for a lot longer than i'm usually comfortable with.  because we had a kid.  and he can't do much for himself.  so i've been sticking around the house, changing diapers, trying to be helpful, doing doctor appointments.  and i like him.  and i'm entering into a new and exciting and scary stage of life.  but also seth and i are dreaming up new stuff for Old Blood.  new pedals, new videos, new sounds, new opportunities.  all of that.  i've got this weird streak of optimism.  probably just the baby thing.  

but here's what is coming up:

the haunt fuzz is going to ship soon.  im thinking december 5th.  its a friday.  seems like a good time.  should have everything ready.  

then there's something else in the works.  a line.  a line of something.  in the desert.  of space. and time.

we have a few episodes of coffee and riffs left and we should start shooting some soon.  location scouting has already begun.  some new toys in the lineup too.

need some good, new coffee.

that's it.